Exciting news Friends!!

My work colleague Carol and I had an amazing experience last week in Cape Town at the Sanlam Top Destinations Awards!! (Hashtag for the event: #SanlamTDA)

Crawfords Beach Lodge won the award for the Second Year in a row and we were the lucky 2 to be sent to CT to accept and collect the award 🙂 Thanks Mark you a star for sending us!!

Massive congratulations to you Mark and your Family that have worked so hard and nurtured your business for so many years to get to this award winning level with your Business and Respectful Leadership skills.

The Event was upmarket and was an amazing experience, well done to all the organizers of the awards night, was perfect!

Crawfords won again! 2 years in row now :)

Crawfords won again! 2 years in row now 🙂



Build up to the awards...

Build up to the awards evening, Waiting patiently for our flight

Jen Su... need i say more! she was spectacular as usual

Jen Su… need i say more! She was a spectacular  MC as usual

Carol and i showing off ;)

Carol and i showing the award off 🙂 

I have been part of the Crawfords crew for just over 2 months now and i am privileged and blessed to be part of this 4 Star resort. The staff are amazing, their acceptance and high quality service and friendliness are to be experienced.

Well folks thats it for now… until the next blog have a happy sunny spring 🙂


Signing off…. Barry


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