I was privileged to have the opportunity to head to our sister Beach Resort in Coffee Bay last week called the Ocean View Hotel . It was just as i imagined! It was chilled, upmarket, staff was friendly and everything seemed to work and was clean.


Ocean View Hotel warm entrance


OVH clean and beautiful

When i arrived i was greeted by super friendly and well dressed staff which always gives you the happy comfortable feeling inside. I was starved so i ran straight to the buffet haha which was sooo yum 🙂


Buffet was yum and lots of it…


Tables and chairs were neat, cutlery was all spotless

The views were spectacular from the restaurant. The rooms are pretty much on the same level as the restaurant so they have amazing views of the ocean too. Well layed out


View from the deck


Nearly every spot has a view!


100s of Dolphins were passing by in the distance


Grass cut and very neat

Then i took a stroll to the beach, which took me about 30 seconds because OVH is right on the beach!! Flippen awesome 🙂

Coffee Bay beach is a small beautiful stretch of beach, rocky cliffs on the left for great fishing and sandy beaches great for swimming and surfing.


Great fishing


Great surfing beach

Then i went on a 2 hour trip to Hole in the wall, this was an amazing experience because they had a very practical Game Drive vehicle and an experienced and humorous tour guide. As we went along the drive a lot of historical information was given which was very interesting.


Tour vehicle with awesome guests


Tour guide at Hole In the Wall


Aaaaaah what a view!!



Not sure if many people know that there is a ‘Baby Hole in the Wall’…. this actually was the highlight of my trip because i never know it existed and I have been to Coffee Bay many a time.


Me amazed by Baby Hole In The Wall!!


Guests messing around 🙂

Thats just one of the tours/activities Ocean View Hotel offers, below are the rest 🙂


Daily activities

Ending off, the road to Coffee Bay is new and improved! This is important to know as the road used to be horrible 🙁 So now the drive there is way better and a lot safer (except for the random animal)

Signing off…. Barry


Marketing / Activities