Wow what a awesome man and his lovely family, meet Bazil, his wife Susan and his daughter Janet..


Bazil, his awesome family.. and me

Few days ago they arrived on a 5 day Full Board Package, I introduced myself to them in the restaurant when they arrived. The first words that came out of Bazils mouth was: Do you fish Barry? I was like um I used to but can still throw a line here and there, he had a big grin on his face. At that moment i knew straight away i will be fishing the next few days, i was actually very excited because this could be my opportunity to get back into fishing and maybe learn a thing or 4 from Bazil 🙂

Bazil is 80 years old and full of life and laughs, what he had just been through (Triple bypass) and still had a great outlook on life and a great sense of humor.

Our first outing was to the tidal pool to the west of Crawfords Beach Lodge, for us we caught some great fish 🙂 Bazils legs weren’t to stable from all the ops he had but he handled and caught 2 nice sized fish and missed a big one (and no not a fisherman’s story he really did miss a big one haha) I caught a nice sized one too and missed a good sized shad


Our catch that was prepared by Crawfords Chef

Our second outing was right in front of Crawfords fishing into the Surf, we caught 1 nice sized Black Tail and loads of Sand Sharks


Bazil and I having a great time on Chintsa East Beach right in front of Crawfords 


After an eventful 2 days of fishing we sipped cocktails and wine around the Crawfords Restaurant pool



Wild Coast Beauty

Today was their last day and was actually pretty sad to see Bazil and his family leave. We exactly 39 years apart and we had a great connection, we both loved the ocean.

Signing off… Barry


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