Yes ladies and gentlemen this stunning lady stayed at Crawfords Beach Lodge…  Esha was born in Durban South Africa and now lives in Australia with her awesome family ( Im Very Jealous! Miss Oz )



Last week I cruised into the Crawfords Restaurant like I normally do daily and I saw Esha and her family dining, I politely greeted and walked past as they were having their dinner. Below is a photo of Esha, her Brother and her Mom 🙂



I actually didn’t get chatting to them until the following evening where I started chatting to their Aunt that lived in East London, don’t have a photo of her 🙁 as she was a very pleasant lady. She happened to mention that her sister (Esha’s mom) and her family lives in the Gold Coast of Australia, now immediately I got very excited because I once lived in Oz and in fact in the Gold Coast too in a suburb called Palm Beach, wont say what year because I will be giving my age away haha



Long story short Esha and I got chatting and we found common ground in the Social Media World where here I realized what an expert she was in the SM World and I learnt a few things from her during our quick discussion before she departed.

Esha has over 10 000 Followers on Istagram ( @eshavantha ) and has really made a footprint in the SM World with her creative beauty and fashion Blogs. Do yourself a favor, follow her and take a read through her posts

Guys if you want any tips on men’s fashion, Esha is the lady to ask.. I’ve already stolen a fashion tip or 3 hehe



In ending, I really hope this amazingly humble, down to earth Naidoo Family grace us with their presence here at Crawfords in the near future again 🙂

Signing off..

Barry  – Marketing / Activities manager & Guest Liaison



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