Crawfords Beach Lodge has so much to offer, but today I am going to touch on why we a relaxing place for the whole family…

By this i mean parents can relax and especially Mommy, and why especially Mommy… because at Crawfords we offer Full Board / All inclusive Packages and responsible caring Child Minders, yes that means no more cooking and running around after kiddies 🙂


Stunning Views and Beautiful Beaches



Mommy can relax 🙂


Now while Johnny and Jessey are having an absolute ball with the Child Minders and other kiddies either at the Beach/Rock Pools/Playroom/Swimming Pools you awesome parents can relax sipping on Cocktails around the restaurant pool or go to Senses Spa having your well deserved pampering then taking a romantic stroll along our beautiful beach and the relaxing list goes on…..



Beach Walk with Kiddies (While parents relax)



Relaxing Treatment at Senses Spa

Now when Crawfords says full board we really mean full board! Its Fresh Delicious Buffets meals, this means your whole family can eat as mush as they want, yes Dad as much as you want! 🙂


Full Board… Yes eat as much Delicious food as you want

As well as our awesome Child Minders and activity Managers in place, our Kiddies Club is so much fun for the different personalities and age groups. So much on offer…. Color in Comps, Painting Comps, Scavenger Hunts, Tennis, Jungle Gym, Table Tennis, Fishing, Beach Cricket, Beach Soccer, Volley Ball, Surfing Lessons, Body Boarding, Sand Boarding, Beach Hikes to rock pools & Tidal Pool








There we go friends, this is truly the place to be if you want your whole family to relax and have a great time :))

Signing off…


Barry… Marketing & Activities