White Lions to their perfection

Last week there was this amazing couple that stayed at Crawfords Beach Lodge for a week from Cape Town, Andrew & Catherine and their 2 cool adventuress daughters. We got along so well they even invited me along to their Game Drive (one of the activities we have on offer) #SelfieOfNote


Andrew, Catherine, their 2 girls and me…


Brandon our guide was cool calm and collected, he knew his stuff and answered all our questions with knowledge and confidence… thanks B you a legend


Brandon our personal Guide


As we drove along seeing Buck, Birds, Trees, Giraffes etc etc we finally got the entrance of the Lions, now this is where we all kinda froze and reality hit. There were double gates where Brandon the guide had to get out open and close for safety reasons. Finally we were in and my nerves were on edge kinda because the guide vehicle was very much open haha. Brandon assured us the Lions were chilled and were used to the vehicle, that still didnt help me thinking ‘these are lions they hardcore and nearly pooing myself’ lol. We finally spotted them! Man what a sight, was mixed emotions.. Amazing experience but in the same breath nerves were shot!


We got very close to the White Lions

We eventually headed back (thank goodness), i was blown away by the experience that i didnt even realize it was so cold haha Half way back it kicked in, i was freezing! Shock and Adrenalin kicked out 🙂


We all got back safely and in one piece, thanks to all that made the experience a lifetime one


Signing off… Barry


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Sneak Peak into next Blog…you will meet our qualified awesome ladies at Senses Spa at Crawfords, they will make you so relaxed you will not want to go home 😉 

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