Meet Alistair Stubbs

Hello friends

At Crawfords Beach Lodge we as a team strive to make our guests feel as comfortable and important as they are but sometimes I think we so in tune with work that we don’t realize there some seriously interesting and unique guests that stay over.


Well this is why I love my job because as Guest Liaison I get to chat to most the guests that stay over and really get to know the ones that stay for a few nights longer.

Last week I got to know this really interesting family. Meet Matthew Stubbs father of World Number 4 Rock Climber (u14), Alistair Norman Stubbs. Photo below is in East London taken last week at a place called NSA Crag of Alistair heading up up and away.. His Father Matthew 100% behind his son on all climbs.


Now Alistair as a lightly really stood out to me not just because he was a great National icon in SA regards to Rock Climbing but he was a very cool respectful kid too. His bond with his Father was special and very heart warming 🙂 and in fact with his whole family that was at Crawfords.

I asked Alistair if I could do a quick interview just to pick his Rock Climbing Brain a little, he was very keen which was great. Take a read below…

  1. What is your Full Name and Age?
    Alistair Norman Stubbs, 14 years old 
  2. What age and why did you start?
    Started for fun at 6 then started competing at 9 
  3. Are you afraid of falling?
    Yes I am but part of the sport 
  4. Does East London offer great Rock Climbs?
    Yes it does but disappointing because of the locals from the township, they brake into cars while you climbing 
  5. Do you participate in a National Team?
    I havnt been old enough until this year, made National Team and going to China 
  6. Do you have a world ranking?
    There is a website ( ) that gives you a world ranking, at this stage it has me 4 in the world (for my age)

Well there you have it, thanks Alistair for educating us and showing your insights into Rock Climbing

Hope to see you all soon back at Crawfords

Your Guest Liaison, Barry


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