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Extended Breakfast hour

Your Wild Coast dining experience begins at the crack of dawn.

We know just how important breakfast is to get your day started. That’s why we’re ready for you bright and early with delicious eggs, omelettes and bacon. Of course we also know you might want to sleep in a little later, after all, you are supposed to be getting away from it all, so we keep the breakfast coming until well into the morning.

For those with more “Continental” tastes a variety of cereals, a healthy selection of seasonal fresh fruit and nuts, tasty cheese, and creamy yogurt all ensure you hit the day well prepared.

Al Fresco Lunches

Being on holiday is hungry work. All day swimming and walking can build up quite an appetite. And even if you have your feet up relaxing, the sea air tends to get your taste buds working.

With salads, fish, mains and vegetables as well as the legendary Crawford’s desserts you are should not to lose momentum on your leisurely break. And lets not forget the cheese and biscuits for the more savoury inclined.

Delicious Dinners

Situated on the coast, we feel obliged to frequently serve seafood of the prawn and calamari variety. Weekend guests are treated to the legendary Seafood Extravaganza on Saturday nights. This consists of a selection of different fishes prepared in various ways, prawns, calamari, mussels and scallops. Together with three courses of meats, vegetables, salads and desserts one does not get out of their seat easily.


And just when you thought you couldn’t eat any more, we save the best for last. Dinners are both sophisticated and romantic. With flame-lit lamps and a dark background, all hearts will start to race a little. If the warm weather palys its part, which it usually does, one may opt to eat under the moonlit sky. Always a night to remember.

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